Vacuum Tanker Hire

Vacuum Tanker Services

Larkins has access to a fleet of vacuum tankers, geared and ready to take on any service you require. We have a range of sized tank capacities, which can be ordered to suit your size request. With a professional team of operators, we take pride in the fact that we provide a high standard of service at a competitive price. Here at Larkins, we can meet the demand of domestic and commercial customers

Our fleet of tankers are able to collect all of your unwanted waste, such as human excreta, industrial liquids, contained soil, or any liquids, sludges or slurries. What ever you require, our vacuum tanker services are guaranteed to be good service, cost-effective and suited to your needs. Our smaller tankers are ideal domestic waste removal, whereas our fleet of large tankers are ideal for commercial use, with tankers as large as 6000 gallons.

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If you would like to contact our team to enquire about our vacuum tanker service, you can email us at or contact our Gloucester office here.