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Sewage Treatment Plant Do’s and Dont’s

There are several DO’S and DONT’S when owning a Sewage Treatment Plant. We recommend following these key DO’s and DONT’s to fulfil the lifetime and efficiency of your plant.


  • DO Regularly check that the aeration is functioning and aeration pumps are operational.

    Sewage Treatment Plants
    Modern Sewage Package Treatment Plant
  • DO Spread your laundry throughout the week to minimise detergents entering the Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • DO Use cleaning products as little as possible so that the plant isn’t overloaded (household bleach can be used in moderation).
  • DO Ensure that the sludge build up in the tank is removed periodically (the frequency is determined by the manufacturer dependant on the size of the plant and its loading).
  • DO Always keep to the same washing and cleaning products (the bacteria in the plant will work more efficiently when products to which they are used too are present).
  • DO Monitor and ensure that the electrical supply to the plant is maintained at all times.
  • DO Ensure your service provider carries out the regular maintenance routine as described in your Operation and Maintenance Manual.


  • DON’T Allow surface water to pool around the plant’s access lid as this can be bad for the structure.
  • DON’T Decant bottles of medicine, mouth wash, disinfectants, garden chemicals etc. down the toilet.
  • DON’T Turn off the electricity supply to the plant as this can affect the working environment and kill off micro-organisms and bacteria.
  • DON’T Flush sanitary towels, tampons, condoms, disposable nappies, baby wipes, cotton wool, cotton buds, incontinence pads etc or anything NON-BIODEGRADABLE down the toilet.
  • DON’T Pour fat or grease from cooking down the sink or drains – instead dispose in a suitable plastic container and place into your bin appropriately.
  • DON’T Attempt to service the plant yourself or use any replacement parts other than those recommended. If not serviced correctly, damage can be caused to your plant.
  • DON’T Use household bleach or other strong chemicals indiscriminately- as this can also cause damage to your Sewage Treatment Plant.

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