Septic Tank Emptying – Through the Motions

This is an operation best carried out than talked about, but we thought you might like to learn a little more about what goes on where angels fear to tread (but where Larkins work their magic every day).

Even in 2015, there are still a lot of homes and commercial premises which do not have mains sewage and waste disposal. This everyday activity has to go somewhere and more likely than not, the property will be connected to a septic tank or cesspit.

You may wonder what the difference is. Well, they both hold waste water and the unmentionable stuff, but the main difference is a cess pit or pool has no access hatch and is normally sited above ground.

Septic Tank Worcestershire

A septic tank is installed underground and for various reasons such as hygiene and durability is made from plastic, which of course won’t rust or decompose.

Lurking away in the subterranean darkness, your storage has three distinct layers. The top layer is known as crud and will not decompose naturally. It floats on top of the waste water and is a very good reason to have a tank emptied at least once a year even if it is a low use facility.

The waste water layer comes below that and can exit through a T-shaped outlet to a drain field or soakaway which filters through to the naturally occurring ground water level or water table.

The third layer is the part we’ll be less descriptive about just use your imagination. A lot goes on in your septic tank once you’ve flushed goodbye – bacterial action breaks down solids into a mush. The planet as a whole is dependent on these little fellows, the circle of life and all that.

Because it’s advisable to maintain the levels of bacteria working away in your waste facility, use biocides like domestic bleaches, antibacterial soaps and washing up liquids by all means to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and healthy, but be mindful of the fact their antibacterial action will still be working once you’ve flushed it away.

As we said earlier, a low usage facility say in a domestic property will benefit from being emptied at least once a year. Higher usage facilities such as businesses, schools, sport facilities obviously have a higher traffic flow of people disposing of washing water, showering and spending a penny and so, maintenance required will be more frequent.
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You’ll find yourself speaking to one of our friendly knowledgeable team, trained to advise on a host of environmental services.

Provide us with some basic information such as how far the access to the tank is from road or driveway, and the approximate size of your tank and we’ll arrange for one of our shiny Larkins tankers to arrive on a scheduled day and leave you with a nicely serviced and emptied tank.

It’s important we establish your needs before the day so we send you the right sized vehicle. Please tell us about any obstructions between the arrival point and the tank access, e.g., is there is an incline? This can alter the efficiency of the disposal rate. Is the hatch or access to the tank straightforward? Some tanks can be locked or obscured by shrubbery or brambles. If we know all this in advance, the operation is sure to go with military precision.