Fresh Water / Drinking Water Bulk Deliveries

To meet the varying needs of our clients, we’ve variety in our fleet of tankers used to deliver bulk, clean water or potable (drinking) water to site.

For smaller deliveries, including top up duties, we have 16,000 litre rigid, rear wheel steer tankers. These are particularly handy for accessing sites where an articulated lorry might struggle. Rear wheel steering and a shorter length gives these tankers the manoeuvrability to access sites through farm gates and the likes.
We also have 16,000 litre tanker barrels which we use for delivering water and as a large capacity storage vessel that can be left on site and topped up as required.

Incidentally, this option is not just limited to the 16000 litre barrel, we’ll do the same with a 30,000 litre variant too. It’s a very popular option for sites with a daily thirst for water in bulk.
Our articulated tankers are 16,000 and 30,000 litres capacity providing bulk water for a mind boggling array of high volume requirements. 

We provide water ballast for tanks that require burying in concrete, water for ships, theme park attractions, no dig drilling operations to name but a few.
All those examples are of course clean bulk water, which is drawn from local authority sources, using licenced standpipes.

There’s a slight difference in the method used to deliver drinking water, as it involves ensuring the tanker vessel is deep cleansed in advance of any water being put into it. Fittings and hoses are cleansed too.
Water is drawn from local authority hydrants and tested as fit for purpose. At the point of delivery, fittings are again sanitised before water passes through them and if the receiving vessel has been provided by Larkins, that too will have been scrupulously cleaned in advance ready to take water that’s fit for drinking.

Bulk Drinking Water Suppliers

Our bulk water tankers can deliver up to 30,000 litres of quality assured drinking water per load. All water loaded onto tankers are drawn from licenced water authority sources using a hydrant, standpipe and relevant pipework.

Bulk Water

Preparing Drinking Water for Delivery
With drinking water, procedures are followed to preserve the integrity of the water being loaded on to the tanker and protect its fitness for purpose.
This begins with the preparation as the tanker as the bulk holding vessel. We wash the tanker out and disinfect it, following a procedural routine, before any loading of water.
Hoses and fittings used are WRAS approved and are disinfected before use.
After loading water has been tested from the tanker and verified as fit for purpose (drinking). Drinking water supply from Larkins is tested and verified before drinking water delivery to site.
The water is quality assured as fit for purpose from the point of loading to the point of delivery.
Responsibility for the fitness for purpose of the payload passes from to the client at the point of delivery.
It is essential that to preserve the fitness for purpose of the water payload. The receiving vessel has been prepared in the same way as the tanker, with the integrity of the payload in mind.
If the storage vessel has is supplied by , it will have been correctly prepared and the lid closed and sealed.
If the seal is broken or has been tampered with, then the integrity of the storage vessel cannot be guaranteed.

Delivery of Drinking Water
Once delivery of drinking water has taken place, a test of the integrity of the payload must be carried out after 24 hours uncontrolled storage, then subsequent testing for fitness of purpose must be carried out and the results documented.
As a complete verification that the contents of a vessel are safe to drink, the advice ‘BOIL BEFORE DRINKING’ should be attached to the dispensing vessel as a safety warning.


IBC Water Tanks

What is an IBC Water Container?
An IBC Water Tank or Intermediate Bulk Container is the ideal storage option for holding smaller amounts of water. When we say small, we mean a thousand litres contained in a compact cube. An IBC container has an outlet tap and a lid at the top for easy filling.

Commonly, a translucent plastic container with a protective outer cage. The design of IBC water containers makes it a robust storage vessel for a variety of purposes, especially on construction sites.
IBC water tanks are raised above ground level to create a gravity feed. They are often used to provide water too welfare cabins or toilet blocks. They supply water for handing washing and toilet flushing facilities.
At ground level, they provide an instant water source for small scale concrete making, wash downs even tool and boot washing.

IBCs are used for clean and waste water only, not drinking. As a rule of thumb, translucent white is for clean water storage and black for waste water. Larkins 1000 litre IBCs are delivered pre-treated in a freshly sanitised, empty condition. We can arrange refills on an as needed basis.