Commercial & Industrial Services

Road Sweepers and Gully Clearing

We are an experienced operated Road Sweeper Hire Company providing national coverage. Our services include Road Cleaning, Street Cleaning, Car Park Cleaning, Gully Cleaning, Building Site Sweeps, High Pressure Jet washing , Road Sweeping

We hire by the hour, providing a 24 hour service, day or night. Our rates are available upon request and we offer specialised discount for long-term hire.

We service the industrial, commercial, and construction sectors and our client list includes utility companies, local authorities, and private clients.

Bulk Water Tankers

To meet the varying needs of our clients, we’ve variety in our fleet of tankers used to deliver bulk, clean water or potable (drinking) water to site.

Vacuum Tanker/Sludge Removal

We offer an expert septic tank, cesspit and treatment plant emptying service to businesses nationwide. Companies across the country trust us to keep their sewage systems in perfect working order. If your business relies on a septic tank, cesspit or treatment plant rather than mains drainage, you’ll know that it needs to be emptied regularly to keep it working properly.


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Domestic Services

Septic Tank Emptying

All septic tanks have an outlet, a pipe that runs from the tank and which typically flows to a drainage field or soakaway system. This is a network of perforated or slotted pipes which allow the waste water from your septic tank to percolate safely into the ground without causing a pollution.

Your septic tank itself doesn't treat the waste, instead it separates out the waste into three different layers - the attractively named 'scum', the slightly more tolerable 'separated waste water' and at the bottom, the delightfully labelled 'sludge'. It is only the separated waste water which leaves your septic tank and heads for the soakaway system, the other more solid stuff stays in the tank. It's all this which needs to be emptied out regularly.

Muck Away

Larkin’s knowledge and expertise results in a consistently efficient and reliable muck away service. We provide Muck Away from land clearance, construction projects and demolition projects.

We have a large fleet of vehicles, including tipper and grab lorries, available to handle any muck-away project. All waste materials removed from site will be taken to licensed waste management facilities.

CCTV Drain Surveys, Jet Washing & Repairs

CESS specialises in CCTV drain surveys, jetting and cleaning, and structural drain repairs for domestic and commercial customers.